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Jeannine, Balfour, B.C.

"Thank you for taking the time to teach me as much as you could it really payed off. I went for my driving test last Friday and I passed! I've been driving all over the place with much more confidence then I thought. I'm going on a road trip to Kamloops with my friend at the end of July and I'm really excited."



Halley Gugliotta

"I wanted to thank you for your teaching as it was very helpful. You were calm and collective and didn't make me nervous. I drove with ease and felt confident I knew more after your lesson. I only took 3 lessons from you and am still using the things you taught me today. The course you took me on was very helpful and was perfect for training for the test. I enjoyed your classes and would recommend you to all my friends."



Jesamyn, Nelson, BC

Glen is an exceptional driving teacher. Every driving experience I had with him was very supportive, and not stressful (which is very important to me... and I would assume to most people ,when learning new things).


He is patient, great at explaining things, and we had a lot of laughs. He is also an intent listener and gives helpful feedback.

He gave me confidence every time I drove by having confidence in me.


I feel very lucky to have had him as a teacher and I would suggest to anyone who is looking for the best instructor to contact him.



Scout Patton, Nelson , BC

Glen is an amazing instructor. He understands what each student can handle per lesson and how many lessons it would probably take to pass their N test. He is always calm, which kept me calm so I was able to grow faster and be more confident in my driving skills. I would recommend Glen (IXL Driving School) to anyone who wants to be a great and confident driver!