IXL Driver Training is a driving school where you will learn to drive with proficiency, confidence and safety. Learn to drive with a qualified, licensed driving instructor. I believe in excellence in everything I do. As a result, I will do my best to teach you to become the very best driver you can possibly be. I will teach with patience, clarity and competence.

I will teach the latest defensive driving methods, designed to help you become a safer driver for life. I hope this website will help you make one of the most important life decisions -- that is, which Driver Training School is the best for you. Click here to contact me with any questions you may have as I look forward to serving you soon.


Whether it's one lesson or even a complete Driver's Education-GLP Course; I have it all.


Seniors need the independence of a drivers license. Let me keep you up to date with our senior refresher driving course.


Drive with excellence!

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Bruce Coyle ,  Owner

About IXL Driver Training



Monday March 27 - Thursday March 30

Time:  9:30am – 2:30pm


Monday July 10 - Thursday July 13

Time:  9:30am – 2:30pm


Call or text 1-250-352-2525

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Student ICBC Drivers ED Course

This Driver's Ed course includes:

18 hours in-class training

14 hours of in-car instruction

Plus our Road Test Package.


Eligible for 6 months off your N and 2 high-school credits. Book in-car lessons at a time that suits you. Students have one year from the start date to complete the course.


Call or text 1-250-352-2525 or click here to email


Upcoming GLP Courses:

Call or Text: 1-250-352-2525